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I wanted to pass on my thanks for your assistance with my résumé rewrite. I am now the VP of IT for Citizens Energy Group in Indianapolis. Having a professional résumé was critical, especially in today's economy.

—John, Indianapolis, IN

"Calling to let you know I am now the new CEO of an $800 million investment corporation. Your résumé opened doors that were closed to me before."
—Peter R., New Jersey

"Marty is an artist, truly he is, for anyone who can take the rough raw material his clients provide, which more often than not comprise drab, dry, and dreary career histories, and transform those into vibrant resumes: marketing pieces showing the individual’s true potential worth as a prospective employee, that person is an inspired gifted practitioner of the written art.

Not only is he a wonderful writer who knows a quick and effective turn of phrase, but through years of corporate experience in the real world as a successful recruiter, Marty is adept drilling down to the essence of a candidate’s professional value offering through a knowledge-driven give and take review process.

I should know, for I’ve experienced Marty’s talents first hand and what he can do to reinvigorate a seemingly sagging job search campaign. I’m pleased to advise that once my revised resume was released; there was no longer need for me to solicit employment opportunities . . . the opportunities came to me!

—Vice President of Sourcing, Supply Chain Management
(from résumé to job in under three months)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism, service, and skills. The résumé, cover letters, executive recruiter distribution, and job search coaching were just what the doctor ordered. After only 12 weeks I landed my ideal job and am relocating to California. I am the new CFO of a multi-billion dollar financial services company. The ROI for your services was fabulous. I wish I did that well on all my investments.

—BK, Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know I found a position here in Cincinnati, OH. I am very excited about the opportunity as it is exactly what I wanted down to the last detail. As I shared with you before, your résumé support was AWESOME! I sent the letter to as well as reiterating in my closeout letter to them regarding how exceptional your service is and how pivotal your résumé writing work has been to my success. Thank you again and again. Much love sent your way and take care.

—Private, Cincinnati, OH

On Monday, December 4, I start a new job as VP of Education in Washington DC. This is with a fantastic organization and a great position.

The résumé you created for me went out around September 13, and I finalized my new job last week, mid-November. You told me that most people take about 6 months to land a new job but people who use your résumé service can do it in as little as 3 months; well, I landed my job in approximately 2 months!

Your résumé generated 6 high-level opportunities for me and I am delighted to have secured the one I wanted the most.

Thank you again for your help. My investment in your services was one of the best career decisions I have ever made.

—John G., Washington, DC

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